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Search Engine Optimization


Search engine optimization is an essential part of online marketing for any business.  SureWest Directories can improve your natural, unpaid search ranking in results on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. 

It is a long term approach utilizing strategy and techniques to optimize your business' web presence across the internet and stand out to your customers.

With our SEO programs, you will rank higher in search results and be found more easily by people searching for terms relevant to your business.  Get your organic search result ranking up where it should be and watch your click-through rates to your website increase.

OPTIMIZE your search results today.

Search Engine Marketing

Are you being found online?

Is your website appearing in search results where it should be?  SureWest Directories allows you to be more focused with your search engine marketing.  Turn searches into quality leads with specifically targeted ads to put your name at the top of results pages on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.  Show up right at the top for consumers searching for your product or services in your local area. 

With our SEM packages, we build and manage your search engine marketing campaigns and can report every lead generated from those ads so you know exactly what you're getting.

Stop wasting your marketing dollars and reach the customers in your area most likely to choose you.

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Search Engine Marketing

Business Listing Submission

Get listed completely and accurately online

How many sites have your business information listed incorrectly or missing entirely?

As many as 40% of business listings online are inaccurate, incomplete or missing.*  This could be you, meaning that consumers searching for your business aren't getting the information they should be, costing you potential quality leads.

Your business profile helps search engines find your business.  Each site allows a different level of profile information but can include: name, address, phone number, categories, keywords, business description, enticer line, images and website link, to name a few.  By adding more "searchable" information about your business online, you'll appear in more search results and drive more ready-to-buy customers to your website.

Registering and validating your business listing information across a multitude of sites online takes valuable time and effort.  Let SureWest Directories submit, verify, and manage your information on all major search engines, directory sites and more with Local Listings Builder. 

Get Local Listings Builder today and make sure that wherever consumers find you, your information is complete and accurate.

*Universal Business Listing, 2011

Reputation Management

How many customers are you losing due to a bad review?
What are they saying about you?

Reputation is everything, but it can be hard to find out what people are saying about you in the endless number of sources around the web. 

Catch those reviews before they impact your business.  Scan the internet for mentions of your business on sites from social networks to blogs, search engines and review sites using Reputation Monitoring.  Our team will help you monitor and compile mentions of your brand from around the web.

Reputation Monitoring makes it easy for you to monitor and improve your online reputation all from one simple report.  Use your comprehensive report to stay on top of your business' reputation and address comments about your brand.

Find out what critics are saying with Reputation Monitoring.


Social Media

Go social and engage
Social Media

Close to 80% of internet users today visit social media sites and blogs.* Just like always, you need to put your business where your potential customers are spending their time.  Don't know how or don't have the time? 

With Social Advertising we'll build up your social media presence and connect you with your customers through the sites they use most, like Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and more.  Have your pages created and content managed to keep your customers up to date and engaged.

Dip dip dive, so so socialize with Social Advertising

*Nielsen Social Media Report Q3 2011

Web Design

Put your best digital foot forward

Having a business website is crucial to your success in reaching both existing and potential customers.  89% of consumers expect all businesses to have a website, regardless of size.*  If you can't be found online, you're losing out on quality leads.  Being a small local business is no excuse - don't get left behind in today's digital world!  Be present and professional, and be found by customers looking for your business with ThriveHive's Total Website Plus solution.

Create, update and improve your web presence with Total Website Plus.  Team up with us to write content, optimize your site for search, integrate with social media tools and generate data on site usage for your new website.  Whether you need a website but don't know where to start or you currently have one but just aren't satisfied, SureWest Directories can help!

Get started today!

*1&1 Internet Inc., 2007

Digital Display Advertising

Be where your customers are looking!

Put your business in front of consumers where they are looking: the web. Display Advertising allows you to target your interactive marketing message on all the top news and entertainment sites to reach specific audience segments most likely to show interest in your brand.  Follow customers already interested in your business by retargeting as they surf around the web.  Build brand awareness and stay at the top of the minds of consumers, near you, with specific demographic targeting meant to put your business where potential customers will actually see it. 

Other companies can target your ad to a general "designated market area." Display Advertising takes it to the next level by narrowing your market areas down by individual zip codes and specific audience segments to make sure you're targeting exactly the people you should be.

Sign up for Display Advertising today and get your brand in front of consumers in today's new world of advertising.


Bring lost customers back

Bring customers back to your website with Retargeting.  Once a customer visits your site, your ad can follow them around the web as they surf on any website in our extensive display network, retargeting the people you know are already interested in you.

The sales process take more than a day; customers need time to research and reflect in their buying cycle before coming to a decision.  Remind potential customers of your brand throughout that cycle and capture that return audience with display retargeting.

Try Retargeting today and take advantage of the latest technology to increase return visits and keep your brand at the top of consumers' minds.


Go beyond clicks and learn who's calling

Finally, be able to see exactly what you're getting from your marketing campaigns.  With call tracking, you'll know precisely which calls have been generated from your advertisements thanks to unique trackable phone numbers.  You'll also have access to a range of data that would otherwise go unrecognized by click-tracking alone. 

In addition, call recordings mean you can check in for quality assurance and training purposes, continuously making your business better.  In combination with ad impressions and other marketing efforts, call tracking opens new doors to understanding campaign effectiveness.

Start using Track today!